Addressing employee under-performance is critical to the growth of any organization. When a manager notice an employee is missing out, it’s best to handle the issue promptly, rather than waiting. An under-performed employee is someone that fails to carry out his/her duties on the position he occupies. .Some factors may be responsible for this act, hence it is expected that a manager you don’t write off the employees when you notice he is unproductive, instead you should figure out how to help these employees and re-engaged them at work.


One of the methods that can be adopted in achieving this is coaching. Coaching is a process that involves working with someone on a one-to- one basis to help the person achieve a desired result. The aim of coaching is to develop the individual’s skills and build his confidence level in handling tasks. Employees’ who responds positively to coaching and improve their performance become value contributors to the success of the organization .An advantage of this coaching method is that it increases employee engagement and boost efficiency. However, due to the time and effort involved, some managers have failed to adopt the method.


  • Share your concern with the staff

Every employee deserves an opportunity to respond to concern about the quality of his or her work. As a line manager, ensure that the conversation is done in a genuine, caring and empathetic manner. This is because, people respond best when they believe you care about them.

  • Give time for improvement

Once you have shared your concerns, give the employee time to respond to the concerns you have raised. While some of these employees may apologize and promise to improve their performance immediately, others may respond in a defensive manner. Whatever scenario you are faced with, be fair to the employee by giving them to proceed what you just shared.

  • Provide ways to improve the staff

It is not enough to just tell these employees that they need to get better on the job, it is expected that you provide ways to ensure that employees improve. You can organize programs that suit their needs

  • Offer assistance to the staff

A great technique of coaching an under-performed employee is to ask him where you can help hem him perform better. Don’t just assume that he can handle the situation; you have to play your role as a leader. This can be achieved by asking them directly or using survey asking for employee feedback.

In conclusion, proper handling of an under-performed staff would not only improve the employee skills, but also increase productivity.


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