Functions of human resource management in business

Human resource management is one of the crucial part of any business, together with other areas like general management, operations, finance, purchasing, marketing, administration and public relations. No matter the kind of business you are doing, there will be HRM operations.

It’s usually the business owner or the employed manager of the business who handles the HRM function in most small scale businesses; however, when there are up to 10 employees in an organization or a business, an human resource department is usually installed to carry out human resource activities.

Roles of Human Resource Personnel

Whatever an human resources personnel does relates to people, these are human resources of the organization. As a matter of fact, HR personnel s are involved in recruitment activities of an organization and also in training – and unfortunately firing. HR personnel roles in an organization include:

In reality, HRM must ensure the continuity of a business irrespective of if someone leaves suddenly, or if someone is sick – or someone goes on leave. That requires more training for most people in business, for them to be able to embrace different roles whenever necessary. This may also involve organizing training and development for employees that are selected for future promotions.


1. Human resource planning

2. Recruitment and selection

3. Performance management

4. Learning and development

5. Career planning

6. Function evaluation

7. Rewarding employees

8. Maintaining Industrial relations

9. Ensuring communication with employee their participation

10. Creating and regulating Health and safety regulations.

11. Ensuring employee personal wellbeing

12. Administrative responsibilities


Human Resource Forecast

Forecasting for HR personnel s is very essential. HR professionals are trained to forecast, as accurately as possible, the type and the number of employees that will be needed in the nearest future. Part of the forecast will be made from the goal of the business or organization, and will harmonize with its growth programme.

In totality, the role of human resource management is to recruit, select and employ suitable applicants, to develop and train new employees, and also to educate those who are already working for the business or organization.

Functions of human resource management in business

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