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We offer human resources, fleet management and other business support services.


Our services are customized and specially designed for corporate needs/ business growth


Looking for a Human Resource Firm in Nigeria that can handle the end-to-end process of recruiting, a large pool of employees across different levels in your organization?


Pruvia Integrated Limited will help you outsource your non-core business functions, people and processes so you focus better on your core business.

Fleet Management

Fleet Operations / Dispatch; is the management of motor vehicles such as cars, buses, vans, trucks; specialist vehicles (such as mobile construction machinery) and trailers;

Background Check

Background screening can be a time-consuming process when recruiting new hires. At Pruvia Integrated Limited, we take the burden off you so you can focus on what’s really important during the recruitment process – making the best hiring decisions.

Payroll management

At Pruvia Integrated Limited, our payroll management service offers a valuable and reliable alternative to bulky in-house payroll management practices. We help our clients to effectively manage the administrative and compliance functions of paying their staff salaries, as well as compensations and deductions.

Training Development

It is a fact; companies that provide their staff with quality training have more satisfied customers and increased turnovers. Such companies have employees that are happy at work and are equipped to serve customers better.

Marketing Business Support Services

At Pruvia Integrated Limited, we love the brand development journey. We are experts at developing creative and effective marketing strategies and field sales solutions that are productive in enhancing the market presence of brands.

Talent Acquisition

One thing is constant across all markets and industries; the success of any business is dependent on the quality of its workforce. Your employees are your company’s greatest assets which is why you need to hire the best talent across all departments.

Business Process Outsourcing

Are you struggling with high operational costs? Need help to efficiently manage your company’s cash flow, reduce carrying costs of inventory, and improve logistics, sales service and customer support?


Companies Benefits

We offer affordable services that help your organization realize her goals. Our team is made up of the best minds in the industry. Our service are customize to give you the best. We believe in customer satisfaction and we do everything to make sure you get the best service experience. We deliver on time and make sure all specification are met
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We offer affordable services that help your organization realize her goals

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